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Answers to some of your questions

Q. Do I need to be trained to use the StaLoqs programme?

A. The Staloqs programme is self contained and self explanatory once you become a member of Staloqs and can access the Downloads

Q. What qualifications do I need to run the programme?

A. The programme is aimed at qualified teachers as a support to reach the attainment targets of the National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum in Speaking and Listening. However Staloqs is an independent scheme in its own right and can be used by speaking clubs or outside the school system.

Q. I am not a teacher in Britain, can I use the programme?

A. StaLoqs is transferable and adaptable to any education system anywhere in the world.

Q. If I buy into the programme, what do I get?

A. Your basic package includes up to 60 StaBoxes with star stickers, certificates, Superstar badge and downloads explaining how the programme works, a training video and updated workshop ideas and Talking Topics and more. As a member of the dedicated website you can access online support. There are other packages available if you look at the StaLoqs Packages tab.

Q. Do you have specialists who can train the staff in our school to run the Staloqs programme?

A. Yes, you have support from our StaLoqs team as well to get you started.

Q. What are the teachers’ chat rooms for?

A. They are an opportunity to share ideas and experiences related to the StaLoqs programme, with other teachers and professionals

Q. What are the parent chat rooms for?

A. They are an opportunity to share experiences relating to the programme with other parents and later to access advice from professionals interested in child development especially in speaking.

Q. Do I have to buy into the programme to use the website?

A. No you can just become a member of the site as an individual and receive our newsletter and blog.

Q. Is there an opportunity to hear what others are doing and to get advice?

A. Yes through the blog and the forum for teachers and other professionals.