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Locking together the star elements of good speaking

Staloqs is a unique Talking Literacy programme designed for young children to use at school and at home to become confident and articulate communicators. We've made it easy with StaLoqs Kids Clubs to encourage teachers, parents and grandparents to become Programme Leaders and set up a club. 

Why Learn Talking?

In an age of technology children often miss out on basic chatter with their families and other children. It is so important to be a confident spoken communicator as good speakers have more success in jobs and relationships!

Good speaker good listener

StaLoqs encourages children to value the opinions of others through asking questions and by active listening.

A toolkit for life

With Staloqs children learn the art of spoken negotiation, working in teams and develop leadership skills for life.

A fun and motivating programme

StaLoqs programme of stars and certificates, is easy to use and a fun way for children to learn essential life skills at school and at home. There is also a comprehensive training pack to get you started and to guide you through.

A confident child is a happy child

Staloqs lays the foundations of confidence and self esteem in communication skills for every child on the threshold of their future education.

LOQ into Staloqs!