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Signing up to the programme means that you and your school become members of StaLoqs and are able to loq in to the site, network with other professional members and parents and download everything you will need to support you to run the programme.

The StaLoqs kit supports the whole programme and comes with a comprehensive training DVD showing the StaLoqs programme in action in school.


The StaBox is a conduit of information from school to home. Your order includes up to 60 StaBoxes in either blue or yellow. StaBoxes are packaged with the template of stars and individual star stickers and Superstar badges. They are colourfully labelled on the front with a large StaWheel on the back which can be used in class and at home to prompt enquiry.

The colourful StaBoxes contain a template of white stars with numbers so that as the children gain each star they are awarded a star sticker that they can put into the case with a certificate for each one. The Superstar Communicator Badge is awarded when all stars are collected with a final certificate and a durable plastic Superstar Communicator Badge.

Download Kit

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In the Downloads the achievement targets and suggested activities for all the stars in the Staloqs Programme which form the core of the programme are set out for teachers in a simple table.

An explanation of how the StaBox works with Talking Topics for parents to understand are also part of the StaLoqs Kit. A template of name labels helps to identify everyone’s StaBox.

The StaChart is an excellent way for teachers to record children’s progress in Speaking and Listening. The StaChart is downloadable for each child to fill in and can be used on the full screen for the whole class. It can also be printed in poster size as a wall display.

Certificates and stars are downloadable in different sizes to award to the children and help create a class display of the programme.

The StaWheel is also downloadable in different sizes for teachers to use as a class display or as individual sets for children. There are one or two photos as well.

Useful tips on lesson plans and Talking Topics for children to take home to encourage a continuous flow of communication between school and at home, ensuring conversations with adults and each other. The Talking Topics relate to their relevant stars and can be adapted to any subject or strand of the curriculum that is being addressed at the time.