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StaLoqs Packages

Setting up StaLoqs in your school is easy.

We will provide all you need to set up the programme in your school for as many classes as you wish. Our packages are priced on the basis of supplying 30 boxes to a school. Extra boxes can be purchased at a modest cost.

StaBoxes will be delivered to your school or centre with labels, star stickers and Superstar badges.

Downloads including certificates, Talking Topics and worksheet suggestions with the DVD demonstrating StaLoqs in action in a class and more will be available to you as a member of the website.

We suggest that there is a teacher or member of staff responsible for the implementation and smooth running of the programme within each school. The stickers need to be stored and given out at appropriate times with the certificates and finally the Superstar Communicator badges as well as overseeing of cases.

Some children will not have the opportunity to talk to families for varied reasons therefore there should be an adult in school able to discuss Talking Topics so that all children have access to an adult with whom to talk and research. Enthusiasm for StaLoqs from academic leaders will inspire and motivate the children.

As an option our team would be delighted to offer in house support to set up the StaLoqs programme with colleagues or with specific classes over a day or two half day sessions.

Schools may buy in as much further support as they require.