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An approved and listed preferred trainer
for Kent County Council in Teacher Training ,Jane is a qualified teacher and lecturer of English language with twenty five years experience of teaching age groups ranging from early years education to sixth form.

Director of Your Voice Ltd for the training of public speaking for older students and adults, Jane has now researched with a team of educational experts in developing the Staloqs Talking Literacy programme for children. It is here where she feels the foundations of confidence and self esteem are grown or lost and StaLoqs is effective motivator for the most challenging of pupils.

Her aim is to offer a basic skill set for children to use the spoken word as an effective learning tool and to become articulate and harmonious communicators in the future. Most importantly as a teacher in the past herself, she has made sure the programme supports teachers in attaining targets and recording achievement for their pupils.

‘Our language is the richest and most widely spoken in the world and yet it is undervalued as a means of communication, especially in school. With technology threatening the eloquent use of the spoken word, StaLoqs offers an exciting way of sustaining interest and motivation to engage in the art of conversation as a tool for social interaction and learning. I believe Talking Literacy should enjoy equal status with reading and writing for recording the understanding and processing of knowledge’.

John Brown B.A

John has been a teacher for 31 years and a Headteacher for 15 years in three schools. John is currently Headteacher of Crofton Infant School in Bromley, one of the largest Infant Schools in England with over 540 children on roll.

John has implemented and led many curriculum innovations including the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) at Holmesdale School, where the IPC and his leadership was a factor in the school receiving ‘outstanding status’ in an Ofsted inspection in July 2007.
John provides training on the IPC in schools across the UK. He has also led training and development on leadership and now supports school leader colleagues in a variety of ways.

John is passionate about children enjoying their learning and developing basic skills particularly in speaking and listening and has welcomed the StaLoqs programme supporting speaking and listening across the curriculum.

He has been central to the consultative development of StaLoqs and is a lead trainer in its usage.

Sarah Warshow

Now the Deputy Head of Crofton Infants School, London Borough of Bromley, Sarah has been a primary school teacher for 17 years. She has vast experience with children aged 3-7 years.

She is very interested in developing children’s learning in terms of using the spoken word as a dynamic form of interaction and recording information.

She has worked with the StaLoqs Talking Literacy Programme and has found it intrinsic to social and emotional aspects of learning where children can interact and use meaningful dialogues and discussions to share experiences. On the training DVD Sara demonstrates how to encourage children to focus on the concept of facing changes with the Stars of StaLoqs underpinning the theme.

William Miller

Bill has been a leader in packaging and production over a long career. His experience in the use of materials and brand labelling is central to the image of the StaBoxes and their appeal to children, teachers and families.

He is responsible for sourcing materials of the highest quality entirely from British manufacturing and is key coordinator for the smooth delivery of boxes, badges and stickers for schools.